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Being an outdoor person and avid hiker has shaped my experience to believe that the best use for wood is a tree, and it is also my choice of material with which to design and build.   It is with this reverence for the material that I work toward making the most of this precious resource after it comes to the shop.  In the following gallery pages, you may browse by furniture type, theme, and wood variety.  Let me know if you’d like to sit down together and explore the possibilities.

The variety here represents furniture that can be found in most homes. All pieces employ traditional joinery techniques using solid lumber and modern veneering techniques with highly figured veneers. I use hand-rubbed tung oil on most furniture and conversion varnish with kitchen cabinetry depending on the final use and location. Keep in mind that almost all the shoji  can be modified to be a part (a door, a panel, or an embellishment) of a piece of furniture. Contact me if you’d like to explore the possibilities.




Small Table

Other furniture



This gallery groups items by the predominant wood used in each item. Most pieces can be made from different woods of your choice. Contact me if you’re curious.



Other wood





This gallery represents a few shoji themes that I use in multiple ways with different types of furniture.

Bringing the outside in

Top of the Trees

Notes on a Page

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